"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." -Winston Churchill

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Meg Quasim


When we think about home, we think less about the things in it and more about the feeling it gives us. With such a focus on how a home looks, it’s easy to forget about designing for how your home makes you feel. Many people may not even realize that this is a factor that they can change—this is where I can help.

I want to do more than change the way your home looks, I want to change the way your home feels too. 

I have been an Interior Designer for over 17 years now and something that I have seen hundreds of times is that simply transforming your home can change the way you experience life on a daily basis. Your home is your sanctuary. I want you to love where you live and find a way to make it peaceful and more functional for your lifestyle.

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My goal is to offer new design services &  design packages that I think people really want from a designer.


A Styleboard For Every Room...

Real Design For Real People.


Do you have a vision but can’t decide how to make it happen? I can help you make your dream into a reality and transform your home room by room. A fresh start may be in order and I can even help you re-use old items around your home.


Did you know that paint is the cheapest and most effective way to transform a space? Did you know that a consultation costs about the same as 2 gallons of paint in the colour? I can help you find the perfect hues for your home.


Looking for the perfect gift? I now offer gift certificates for Design, Colour consultations and Styleboards. Who doesn’t want the gift of design?

Find Joy in your soul, body & home!

I really enjoy being the Design Editor for Lifestyle Blog Design Your Joy, it’s a collective of creatives, strong and amazing women.  Stay tuned for inspiring posts about design vibes for your home, learn how to use colour pops in every room, with guides to help you with styling your home and a weekly Designer Q&A.


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